New Website...New Images

I recently returned from an extended trip, touring regional and remote Australia in the cramped confines of my idiosyncratic Iveco turbodaily 40.10 four wheel drive camper-van, and couldn’t wait to get into the relative luxury of my digital darkroom (study) to commence processing the plethora of landscape images I amassed during my travels.

However I was also slightly apprehensive about the quality of the images, as I had a little mishap during the trip, in which my trusted Nikon D800E workhorse fell about 1.5 metres from my backpack, bouncing first on the camper’s rear bumper, before hitting the ground. Thankfully the camera body was okay, and the attached lens (AF-S NIKKOR 14–24mm f/2.8G ED) suffered only minor damage to its fixed hood - which I was able to repair, almost undetectably, with the help of a little dab of superglue.

A special thanks to Nikon for producing such robust, high quality photographic gear!
I was also impatient to print the best of my images onto the Breathing Color, Lyve canvas I’d purchased, but didn’t anticipate it would be such an effort to unblock and clean the printer head nozzles on my Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer, that had been mothballed for over twelve months. It also proved a bit fiddly, calibrating my aging Eizo monitor and creating an acceptable ICC printer profile, to achieve an acceptable print rendition of the images.
However, it’s been well worth the effort, and more than thirty new images have now added to my quota for an inaugural exhibition of Australian landscapes – hopefully later this year.

Excited about my new batch of images, and after reviewing my website, I decided it was also time to give it a facelift. In fact, it became a total rebuild.
I hope you enjoy the simple, uncluttered layout…and, most of all, some of the new content.

As a postscript...over time I plan to revisit my older images and, armed with a better understanding of Photoshop, reprocess them..and then post them to this site.

Rod Moffatt